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Victorian Corset

Started my Victorian Bust-Core Corset.  This is what the use to wear in the 1840 -1890’s.  I’m working on this interesting pattern.  I’m truly trying to get the correct silhouette For my historical bustle dress.  I have read a lot of information about this time frame and it’s important to get the correct silhouette underneath your garment so it will look and hold the dress actuality.


First I had to cut all the items of the material.  One is the coutil, one is the lining and the last one is the fashion fabric. Which will be showing on the outside. I made sure I serged each piece before I started sewing them together.  Make sure to number the pieces first.  Its very easy to get them mixed up with one another.









I found out the hard way and once I figured it out I numbers all three material to then sew them in a assembly line.









Then you need to make sure each piece will fit the other piece, the best it can. Take your time and make sure you get it all correct.





completecorsetpanelOnce you have all pieces sewn together this is call a panel now. Now you need to iron the seams open then due to the curves in the corset you’re going to have  to use a pressing ham which will make is so much easier to have it bend but at the same time iron a nice seam.





You can see here that each seam is pressed open but before you can do this; you need to cut small cuts at the edge of the material to give the material some give to the sharpness of each seams. DO NOT CUT TO CLOSE TO THE SEAM.






By doing this it will help with the seam so it won’t pucker.  After cutting each area that pulls on the seam make sure to seam press again and a again to get it just right.






After clipping and ironing down the seams I decided to baste down my side seams down. This will help later when I add the boning to each seam.



setupbuskNext you will add one of the other lining panel to your your main fabric of contil.    First lay it down on the corset and pin it very well eventually  and mark it with a pen or pencil very lightly.

corsetsewmarksoutlinebuskHere you can see my marking where I’m going to have to sew and stop at one line and pick up the foot and needle to put back down on the start of the next hole.

Dont forget to go back and forth with your sewing machine to make each opening that much stronger on the edges.  In this picture you can see where I sewn and stopped for the busk to slide in.




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