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August Overskirt Part 2



Now to move on to the waist band. First fold over the top about half In and iron it down.  This will help you get a nice straight line.




Now fold it again and tuck it under its self like this.  Now you can sew it together.







After completing this I started to sew the ties on the bottom, middle to tie back the front of the over skirt.  As you can see here it’s not yet to my liking.









So I added another tie to the back making it three ties to get this effect.





Once I got what I liked I started on the pleated trim.



I measured everything to the T.

Made sure its all the right size and started ironing the whole line. After you have a nice and flat material.  I start folding in the bottom  and top to make the pleated trim.








Make sure you measure your fold all the way down and across.  I started with a 4 1/2 in width.  After the fold I will end up with a 3 inch in size.







Now that it has been folded and sewn the bottom of the trim you need to start making your pleats with the pleater.


Make sure after ironing you put some tape down to hold your pleats in place before you sew them together.





Your pleats should look like this after you sew them together and now you can take of the tape.







Now it’s time to start pinning the pleats to the bottom of the over skirt.  After I did that I sewn some white trim to give it some accent too.





Now I need to move onto the back bustle of the overskirt.  First you put 3 twill tapes down the back so you can pin them up a touch to give you that puffy feeling.  Pin them into place and then hand stitch them to the tapes.

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August Overskirt

The pattern I’m using is by Truly Victorian

1883 August Overskirt – TV365



Before I get started my material is pretty wrinkled and I want to have a crisp look.  I spray it with light mist of water then iron over it.  Here you can see the difference one side is iron without water the other is.







Cut out pieces and sew apron front to sides fronts.







foldhemIron hem then pin before you sew it can  give you a cleaner line.











Fold pleats in front apron, bringing bottom of pleat mark to meet top of pleat mark.  Baste pleats in place.  Pleats should fold upward on correct side of fabric. Sorry didn’t have a picture with this skirt.





Now to create a placket



Fold back placket in half lengthwise, right sides together.




Fold placket piece open and press in place



On the left hand side of skirt, matching raw edges at top and side. I didn’t really like their instructions so I did mine a little different.




After sewing each side of the placket I then sew the side seam up to the top of the placket about an inch past the edge to make it stay in place.  You can see here one of the upper pleats in the apron. From making pervious.








Here you can see the top and bottom of the skirt doesn’t match.  This is because the back is a lot longer due to later I will be making poufs.  I did follow the seam down and folded in to finish the side seam.





Now to move on to making the pleats in the back of the skirt.



To get everything just right I measure how long it is.  Depending on how big I want to make my pleats I make sure to find the middle first.



For the center pleat I make it each side half of the original size lets say an inch. so each side is half-inch which is brought in from under side. By doing this you give a center point and each side of pleats have a right direction and a left direction. Make sure to pin it a couple of places.



Showing you half pleat how it’s tucked under itself.




Now for each pleat I measure it to be the same size for.  I’m working on the right direction. Pin and Iron it helps so much.  It hard to get a nice line but due to these strips it help me a lot to get a nice line to follow.



Finish with the right side you can see all the pleats are going the right direction.





Now I’m taking my pleat to gather from the left side to tuck under. You should  follow the same direction and measuring each one.








Finally finished Look how you can see the middle pleat that sits on the top and the others right and left follow that direction of the pleat.





Now its time to baste them in place.  You want to go slow.  The can move and come untucked so slow and moved pins out one at a time.








Now they are basted I sprayed some water on them and iron the heck out of them so the pleats will set in good. Once I’m happy with the way the look I will sew them for good.





Once both sides are sewn and back is all pleated you can sew on the waist band.

Make sure to leave about 1/2″ on each side over the edge of skirt for later closing.


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