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Box Pleat Trim

Next need to start adding the bottom pleats and start making the box pleats to go over the top of the bottom peats.



After you measure each box pleat you then sew down the middle to hold them in place.




When I get some more time I will show you how I turn this trim into flowers to go on my pleated trim.



Here you can see how each one is folded again and again. Each side looks like it has box pleats.  Next I will show you have to turn them into flowers.

Now it’s time to do the fun part.  Let’s make them look like small flowers.


First you will need to only catch only the top layer of the box pleat only. You will weave up and down like a baste stitch together on both sides of the pleat.




Now pull the thread tight together to bunch up the material  like so.




Now go through both top and bottom and make a knot to keep it together.




Now you will string on a jew or pearl to your liking and sew in place.  This takes a lot of time but looks very nice once it’s all done.

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