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Steampunk Belt 2

This was my own pattern and creation.  This was not easy but I did figure it out.




You can see at the bottom left I drew out my pattern for my steam punk leg belt.






20150615_152851After cutting the material, I needed it to be more stable so I also cut out each piece with an interface and lining.

I sewn each piece to the back of the material.  The material is very slippery due to its faux leather.  It’s a slight stretchy.  So I needed something to help to make it more stable.



Now I made the outside pocket and started sewing the outer sides of the pocket on.  20150615_150740sewliningtogether









Here is started sewing the inner lining for the outside pocket.




I decided I wanted to make the top
have an inner pocket also.  So I cut a slit on the top and sewn in a zipper at the top.







Here after sewing the zipper in.  I needed to sew the lining that would make a pocket for the inside.








This is the other side of the outside pocket. I needed to sew this on the outside first before sewing the side of the pocket together.

After doing this to the front side I needed to start decorating the outside of the pocket so the inner lining would hide all the studs.






I then sewn the outer material pocket to the inside pocket. Remember to put it inside out when sewing it on to give you that clean edge.









Needed to measure my leg and waste for making the belt part.  Did the same by adding interface material to make it more stable.









Before I could sew the top on I started decorating it with studs and rivets.  I needed to do this so then I could line it.  I didn’t want you to see the underside.  This part was fun deciding on how I wanted it to look.






Now that the outside of the pocket was done and lined.  It was time to sew the outside together.  This was very challenging due to the bulky outside pocket.  Trying really hard not to catch the pocket when sewing it inside out.







But before you sew around on the outside you first need to attach the bottom some D-rings and at the top for holding on your side satchel.







Making the belt strips were pretty easy adding the hooks and rivets to the belting.  This is the finished piece I came up with.  It’s really nice…. and it’s very useful to carry things like your phone and more.



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Steampunk Belt 1


So Now I got the hardware I’m sewing and making the holes for the belt to line of perfectly.  After doing this I sewn the other belt straps onneedtoaddpockets.



After placing all the holes where I need them to be.  I put grommets in the holes to keep its shape.





Before sewing on the pockets you need to decorate them first.  It will be way to hard after they are sewn on the belt.








I didn’t have a big enough pocket to hold my phone so I made my own pattern to hold it for me.  Put the snaps on the pocket and top closure and make sure they line up.





Here is the front of the belt.  I put different size grommets on the belt from the bottom so later I can hook things I need to later with.



This is the completed back with pockets sewn in place.  I will be putting something on the back in that bare spot.  Like keys, chains ect.



So I decided to sew a couple of keys on the back and added some chain to the bottom of the holes.

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Steampunk Belts

I wanted to make some belts for my steampunk outfit for holding items and to look the part.  I’m making one from a pattern (mccalls 6975) The other is a side pouch on my hip and thigh. This one I’m designing and drafting myself.


For the wide belt I cut all the pieces out of this material that looks and feels like suede but isn’t.  Its a vinyl material of some kind.  I bought this fabric along time ago.




I decided for it to be stiffer I would add heavy interfacing on one side of the material. To make it thicker.






I had some issues with this, the material and interfacing would move so much it would move right off or pucker the material and looked horrible. So I tried several different functions and sewing foots that just didn’t work.


I decided to by two new feet for my machine and to see what worked best with this material. I bought a teflon foot and a rolling foot.

The teflon didn’t really work well at all. I was getting quit worried that nothing was going to work.  Finally tired the rolling foot and it worked quite well.  This is for leather and vinyl material. Now I can finally get back to sewing my belts.



First I basted all the interfacing to each of the cut out parts of the belt. Then sewn both of the pieces together.


beltingAfter doing this you can see it pulled way to much at the close corners so I went in and trimmed the corners to let the seams relax more and wouldn’t pucker.



Went to the other piece and did the same thing to that one.  It was better to sew with the interfacing on the down side where the feed dogs could move both fabrics and the same time.

ironseamdownHere I noticed after sewing both pieces together I needed to set the seam. I ironed the seam and when I turned it over to the right side it looked more crisp. With this material it still had a puffiness to it so each piece I decided to on the right side to sew on the edge all the way around it.

Now Im waiting for hardware will post at a later time.


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