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Mermaid Headdress

First I took some wire and started making a headband to form  the size of my head.  After I did that I took some really small wire to wrap around all of the pieces to hold them on and to make the headdress stronger.  I decided I wanted to make fins to cover up my real ears when I wore this.headdresswrap

Once I finished wrapping all the wire tight around to hold the loose pieces together. I took some foamies and cut strips to wrap around the wire itself.

Just by accident I got the adhesive kind which worked out pretty good, until the next morning. The ends of the foam strips need to be glued down at each end.  After wrapping each one I started hot glue the ends down onto itself. When I was finished it looked like this.


Then I started to cover it with buckram material so it would be able to hold up all the stuff I wanted to decorate it with.

coverfoamI needed to cover up the foam pieces that you were going to see somewhat so I wrapped ribbon around them.






This was very trying at times.  To make it fit I had to cut strips in the material to make it more flexible to the headdress.







I used hot glue to hold the seams together and then added the back piece fit which was going to be my decorating piece.







I made a pattern out of buckram on how I wanted to design it.







When the whole thing was covered in buckram I covered it with white cotton material to cover up the buckram material. I used the hot glue gun to keep this on. a lot faster then sewing it by hand.  For the wire showing on the fins I decided to paint those purple.





To make them look realistic I took the same kind of material from the mermaid fin dress and added it to this ear.  I had to sew it on by hand around the wire.  After that I cut the edges off to the correct shape of fin.









When I finished this is what the looked like






I cut out a pattern of the same body material to the headdress. I glued all those pieces on to cover the white material. Now it was time to start painting shells and picking the layout I was going to do. This is the start of my headdress but have a lot more to go on it.



Finally finished my headdress and this is what it turned out to look like.


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